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Mini Segway Pro

Product Description

 Ever wondered if you could just roam around your house or through the park way without actually walking? Your dreams have come true.

Presenting you, Mini Segway Scooter which is battery-powered, gyroscopically-stabilized “personal mobility devices.” And they’re the hottest craze in Teenland. At this year’s VidCon, famous Viners and YouTubers. Justin Bieber has been spotted riding one, as have Nick Jonas, Nicki Minaj, and a boatload of other celebrities. At a tech conference in Las Vegas this year, It was seen that a hacker got scolded by security for bringing his scooter onto the casino floor.Much Easier to Ride, Safer, More Portable.

The boards — which can go up to 10 miles an hour, with a battery that lasts for several hours — are controlled by two motors, one controlling each wheel. To begin moving, you simply shift your weight slightly forward, as if you were doing a calf raise. To make a turn to the right, you lean your left foot forward, and your right foot back. To turn to the left, you do the opposite.

Like a Segway, the wheels of these scooters are gyroscopically stabilized. So you don’t have to expend a ton of energy trying to stay upright — the foot pads move as you move, and it’s not hard to maintain your balance once you stop nervously overcorrecting. If you’ve ever gone skiing or Rollerblading, you’ll get the hang of it in five minutes.


  • Tyre Size: 6.5"
  • Maximum Speed: 15-20 Km/h
  • Range per charge: 25-30 Km (Please note range may vary with rider's weight, road condition and temperature.)
  • Safe Climbing Angle: About 15 degree
  • Battery: Lithium, 36v, 4400mAh SAMSUNG/LG Battery (protection board with SOC equalization)
  • Temperature: -10C ~ 40C
  • Weight Limit: Upto 120Kg
  • Charge Time: About 90min
  • Size: 660mm*270mm*186mm
  • Main Body Weight: 10Kg
  • Power: 201-500w

Scooter, Charger, Manual
Mini Segway has two wheels and two sets of self balancing control system. It won't fall to sideways. You can stand still on it and even turn 360 degree in a spot.

Easy to learn
Much easier to learn than electric unicycles.
Just step on, you will be able to ride it (Just think of the direction you want to go to and you'll be able to learn it sooner)
Lean to front or back to go forward or backward.

Only weighs 10kg, you can take it everywhere.



Rs. 40,000.00