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Tiger Pyjama Set Onesie

Product Description

You definitely won’t regret clawing your way into this tiger onesie. Soft and fleecy on the inside and ferocious on the outside, this suit is the perfect feline friend. Not only are there whiskers and a tail, with deep pockets, you will be able to fit all the Frosted Flakes a tiger could ask for.

Size Information:

Mango People Onesies come in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL. So you can choose your size for the perfect fit. Remember that the onesies are meant to be baggy and loose, so order for one size smaller that your regular size. 


Mango People Onesies come in a soft fleece material ideal for pyjamas or outdoor wear.

Other Information:

All of our onesies are made from the highest quality material. It can be worn many times for years of use. They are machine/hand washable at 30-40 degress.
You will not be disappointed with the high quality of this outfit!

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