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Desktop Punching Bag

Product Description

Feeling stressed? Fight back with Desktop Punching Bag!

A heavy-duty spring and a large suction cup ensure the inflatable bag can handle both your speed work and your big-hitting haymakers. VERY ANGRY, ANGRY or just STRESSED, this strong thing can bear your punches no matter how hard.

The strength of the Desktop Punching Bag amazes nearly everyone who uses it. You can slug it as hard as you want, and the suction cup will not come unstuck.
Comes with a small air pump.

Now punch away your troubles with Mango People's very own Desktop Punching Bag

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 13.5" x 7.25" diameter
  • Immensely strong suction cup
  • Includes a pump
  • Handles an insane amount of abuse
Rs. 2,849.00